Best Restaurants to Eat at in Downtown Denver

For thrill-seekers and adventurers out there, Denver is a great city.  Hailed as one of the most diverse and fastest growing metropolitan cities within West vicinity, it undoubtedly captivated people’s attention.


As a matter of fact, the dining scene in Denver continues to thrive, and you should take a time visiting at least one of its top restaurants.


So, foodie lovers – let’s go and explore the best restaurants to try with along with your family or friends!


Tag Restaurant


A favorite of the notable Larimer Square, Tag Restaurant boasts diverse combinations of offbeat cocktails and numerous cuisines. Whether it is a night out on the town or a fancy dinner, it is assured to satisfy your taste buds.


Osteria Marco


Are you craving for pastas, pizzas or cured meats? Osteria Marco is the name of the food haven you need to look for.  The place offers classic Italian dining experience. What’s inside? They are simply known for their mouth-watering menu consisting of cheeses, cured meats, pizzas etc.


The Bindery


Although new in the dining scene, The Bindery has been constantly attracting new numbers of clients – thanks to their unique and intricate menu that is beyond compare. See and try for yourself!


Butcher’s Bistro


Butcher’s Bistro is a small spot on the border of the bustling downtown in Denver that serves clients some of the best steaks you need to try.




If you’re up to Mediterranean-inspired cuisines, don’t go anywhere not unless it’s Rioja. Dubbed as one of the best restaurants around Denver, the place features world class dining experience. You can indulge yourself with their innovative and creative dishes which mix extraordinary Mediterranean recipes and ingredients along with seasonal and local American products. Indeed, it’s a must-visit resto.


Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar


Heads up Cuban food lovers – head to Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar for your next visit to Denver for a delicious meal! Its outdoor patio and tropical colors will further lure you to step your feet into.




You can find Ultreia in the heart of the Union Station of Denver. The menu they offer is made around the Iberian Peninsula as well as boasts whole portions of Portuguese and Spanish dishes.


The Kitchen


If you’re after an advanced and progressive dining experience, The Kitchen restaurant is what we will recommend. It serves organic, healthy, and fresh American dishes – from seafood to burgers and steaks.


Bistro Vendome


Meanwhile, for French food enthusiasts, Bistro Vendome got you covered.  They serve authentic bistro foods such as seafood, meat dishes as well as brunch specials. On top of that, their foods are affordable and delectable. Situated in the courtyard of the Larimer Square, you can relax and enjoy its ambience and serenity only found here while in the midst of Denver.


Urban Farmer


Steak lovers, this restaurant is for you! A Portland-based steakhouse, Urban Farmer is more than just delicate cuts of meat. You can also stop by to sip your favorite cocktail.


Regardless of the type of cuisine your tummy craves for, it will surely get a special treatment at these delicious locales.